now supports hathor merge mining(ONLY ASIC mining)

Stratum urls:
EU(Germany): stratum+tcp://
NA(Canada): stratum+tcp://
EU(Russia): stratum+tcp://
Default start difficulty: 65536
Cgminer start difficulty: 131072
Pool have variable difficulty
NO Nicehash support

To make sure you will receive payout set the worker name as
Only old type addresses are supported! Not SegWit
Password can be any. For example x, but not blank

To set your custom diff for worker just add d=DiffNumber(min=10000) to worker's password
Note that if your share rate will not be between from 10 to 600 seconds you worker difficuly will be adjusted
To start receive payouts in BTC(fully or partly) add to your worker's password line like this: BTC_address:coins_to_exchange
Min amount 0.005 BTC(for each BTC address), payout time the same as for other coins

3Ha6TzVwkLvLBTjdj23vtMgWwyEUs3qiJN:ALL - full BTC payout
3Ha6TzVwkLvLBTjdj23vtMgWwyEUs3qiJN:HTR - only HTR converted
3Ha6TzVwkLvLBTjdj23vtMgWwyEUs3qiJN:notDGB - all converted, except DGB
3Ha6TzVwkLvLBTjdj23vtMgWwyEUs3qiJN:notBCH - all converted, except BCH

Possible flags:
ALL, HTR, DGB, BSV, BCH, notHTR, notDGB, notBSV, notBCH

Note 1: no need to set additional addreses if some coins are converted, below example worker's name for passwords above

Note 2: for Whatsminer, put a period instead of a colon
HHZtv23vYBBHUW8LnsKyfooSAXiyqLwHvT.S17Pro - full BTC payout
HHZtv23vYBBHUW8LnsKyfooSAXiyqLwHvT.S17Pro.DN3ArVp6HVzXzdgTwx82uajTdWGj7A81Y1.33EzXw4LjfQEJuDhQYXVnogBkQb4DpnvAD.33EzXw4LjfQEJuDhQYXVnogBkQb4DpnvAD - only HTR converted
3Ha6TzVwkLvLBTjdj23vtMgWwyEUs3qiJN.S17Pro.DN3ArVp6HVzXzdgTwx82uajTdWGj7A81Y1 - all converted, except DGB
3Ha6TzVwkLvLBTjdj23vtMgWwyEUs3qiJN.S17Pro.x.x.33EzXw4LjfQEJuDhQYXVnogBkQb4DpnvAD - all converted, except BCH

Note if you are using BTC payout capability and custom diff setup, add ? mark between them on worker's password, otherwise password will be ignored


ASIC BOOST implementation
HiveOS config example:
Flying sheet creating

Setuping asic miner config